Workflow Management

The Registar Online Student Registration Workflow Manager gives district registrars and managers access to all of the student registration data functions as well as the ability to manage their workflow functions and approvals. Managers can review enrollment information; student demographics, parent guardian information, school and grade requested, and special needs and free and reduced meals needs; approve their area of responsibility, and view attached documents, information and reports.  Key management functions include:

Real time access to data, such as student, parent/guardian, emergency contacts and more.

Approval workflow and role based security allows staff to view, edit, and manage registrations

Dashboards with real time registration data and workflow approval queue.

Review completed registrations and automatically route them for additional approvals

Review incomplete enrollments and contact information to easy follow up and engage with parents

Create, edit, approve, or delete registrations based on security, access and role.

Reporting and exporting of data enforces your workflow rules and security roles.

Automated email notifications as registrations are completed