Vortex TM  Configuration Management

Registar Systems has changed the game in online registration by putting the power of customization in our customer’s hands.  Vortex ™, our management and configuration module that gives your District the ability to modify, update, configure, and change your system – in real time.  Let’s face it no two districts are alike and you should be able to define your process to fit your needs from year to year.  Listed below are a few of the features included in Vortex ™ 

Grades and Start Dates - Allows your district to set start and end dates and define the grade levels that will have access to the system. 

Registration Steps - Manage each step in the process for registration including defining step names, activating or inactivating steps, define the workflow for parents to move from step to step.

Manage Step Questions -  Question configuration is packed with features and functionality for each question in your registration process including turning questions on or off, defining question types, help text, error messages, requirements and many more. 

Documents - Define the document types that can be uploaded and attached to students by parents and staff including; file types, size and other options to manage the process.

There are many additional features of Vortex   Please contact us to learn more.

Vortex Manage Step Sample