PowerGrid Technology

PowerGrid Technology

Using a friendly and familiar grid layout the Registar PowerGrid technology provides dynamic access to all the information in your student registration database. Through our powerful and easy to use PowerGrids, users have complete control so they can quickly and easily sort, report, and approve student enrollments.  All data in the Registar Online Administrator system is presented to the user in a PowerGrid, which can easily by customized by each user including:

Customize your grids of data

Search any field in the PowerGrid

Double-click columns to sort the data ascending or descending (for example, A-Z, Z-A, etc.)

Filter data across all fields and apply multiple sorting options on as many fields as you wish

Drill into the individual student detail screens and edit data 

Select single or multiple records for approval or posting to your student management system.

Click on parent email address to send messages 

PowerGrid Sample