Registar Online Student Registration System

The Registar Online Student Registration system helps everyone in the educational community to work and communicate more efficiently. With anytime, anywhere Web access, Registar Online Student Registration provides Parents and Administrators with a host of tools to help them submit and manage student registration activities as well as automated workflow and approvals. The Registar Online Student registration system provides important important productivity solutions for parents and staff to enroll students online with access to district information, real-time updates and data entry, document uploads to ensure compliance with defined enrollment requirements.  

True flexibility and customization with our Vortex TM configuration and management system including unlimited multi-language support.  Registar is simple to configure for ease of deployment and it also allows for virtually unlimited customization.  Our product offerings include;Online Registration Summer School Student Fees Free and Reduced Meals Application Vortex Management System Workflow PowerGrid Technology Reporting Student System Integration  

Registar Systems was recently awarded by Education Technology Insights  magazine one of the Top 10 top Student information System providers in 2017. Click here to download the full article.

Why Customers Choose Registar?

Online registration for new and returning students, Summer School, Free and Reduced Meals applications, and student Fees with real-time integration with your student information system.
  • Customized Settings
  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Vortex Configuration
  • Easily Deployed
  • True Web Application
  • Scaleable
  • Real-Time SIS Integration
  • PowerGrid Technology
  • Workflow
  • Robust Reporting
  • Self-Service