Professional Services

  Professional Services and Methodology

Registar Systems is committed to delivering a robust online student registration system and the related implementation, process consulting and training services necessary to ensure success. Registar Systems takes a thoughtful and detailed approach to all of our customer implementations from Project Management, Training, Consulting, and Technical Services and on-going support.  The Registar Systems management team has been providing administrative systems to school districts for over 20 years. Over that period of time, we have implemented administrative applications in more than 27 states. Our deep experience with school districts and understanding of the complexities of the Educational environment helps us develop a solid project plan and ensure an on-time, on-budget implementation of the Registar Online Student Registration system software suite.  

Project Management - Working with district personnel and other members of the project team, Registar Systems Implementation Manager will establish and coordinate all of the Registar Systems staff associated with the implementation. Their objectives for achieving our agreed upon project plan includes; Implementing the project plan, assuring appropriate resource preparation and managing project change control and reporting. Within the team organizational structure, the Registar Systems Implementation Manager will work to ensure open lines of communication between the team members, the district, other Registar Systems resources, and coordination with third-party vendors.

Process Consulting - Registar Systems believes that consulting services are critical not only to the success of training the district’s staff but also to the overall system implementation.  Our consulting approach includes a significant focus on process improvement and business re-engineering to help your district maximize efficiencies and streamline workflow. Consultation also includes participation with the district in project planning as well as follow-up phases. Some of the benefits of consulting include:

              Tailor software to meet district needs 

              Fully leverage the capabilities of the system 

              Streamline processes for more efficient workflow

              Compliance with reporting standards

Training - Effective and complete training of the end-user is critical to the successful implementation of any new software package. Our Implementation Specialists and Trainers have years of experience training school district users. Each class uses a structured agenda and includes hands-on training exercises to give new users the experience and confidence necessary to perform their daily tasks using Registar Online Student Registration system. 


Installation Services - Our service plan for your District includes installation of software and software setup services. Our installation services typically include:

System Setup Review

Approval routing and notifications

SMTP email set-up

Database and update privileges

User security